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Rising Pop-Rock Star Heather Kathryn Announces Sultry New Single "GO TO HELL" Out June 21st

With a dose of attitude and edge, pop-punk powerhouse Heather Kathryn unleashes her sultry and defiant new single "GO TO HELL" on June 21st. With a driving dark beat, anthemic vocals, and lyrics dripping with confidence, the track showcases Kathryn's bold evolution as an artist unafraid to make waves.

"GO TO HELL" sees the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter capturing her edgier side, delivering a dose of pop-punk perfection for fans of Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and early 2000s alt-rock. Kathryn boasts the "devil you know" agenda, owning her daring persona and reveling in her seductive powers.

From its opening lines of "This girl's long gone, she's a lost cause", the track never holds back lyrically. Kathryn's serpentine vocals slither through verses tinged with darkness and desire, before exploding into an instantly chant-worthy chorus. A high-octane shot of punk-pop adrenaline, yet its polished production gives it crossover appeal for fans of artists like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Charlotte Sands. The song's fiery lyrics and hardcore punk energy paint Kathryn as a temptress daring anyone who can't handle her intensity to "go to hell."


"This song is all about embodying that bad bitch energy," shares Kathryn. "It celebrates being unabashedly yourself, sexuality and all" says Kathryn. "It's a bold, in-your-face track that shows my edgier punk influences as an artist."

Kathryn explores confidence, seduction and feminine power over a dark, driving beat and anthemic vocals. With lyrics like "I'm the devil you know / Once you get a taste, oh you're only gonna miss me," she embraces an unapologetic, devilish persona. The hard-hitting track fuses elements of pop-punk, rock and dark pop into Kathryn's unique sound.

Meet Heather Kathryn:

Heather Kathryn turns the truth into lyrics about love, loss and everything in between.

Heather strives to bring Pop-Punk back to the surface of the music industry. A blend between Paramore, Avril Lavigne and early Kelly Clarkson, she sings of her dating mishaps and the general fast paced life of an early 20-something in Los Angeles.

With many shows under her belt at venues around Los Angeles such as The Viper Room, El Cid, Whisky-a-go-go, The Troubadour & The Hollywood Palladium Heather athryn is on the path to making her dreams a reality. Keep your eyes on Heather Kathryn, she’s ready to come at the industry with everything she’s got!

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