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“Right Time” - Dava | Review

“Right Time” by Dava is an indie RnB song for all you hopeless romantics out there, as she assesses if this is the “right time” to be falling in love in a one sided relationship. Right person, wrong time? Or right time, wrong person? You decide.

Dava starts off with great production - vintage crackling as she whispers a countdown. Her sweet, melodic tone paired with guitar and gloriously groovy bass is so enjoyable to listen to. Emotional lyrics are strengthened by Dava layering her harmonies over each other. She longingly sings “hope it’s the right time” but adds “this ain’t a catch 22” hinting that there is a way out of this - breaking up. All together she creates a really groovy and soulful atmosphere to harbor stream of consciousness thoughts of anxiety in a relationship, and to highlight some inner strength. In the end the production fades out, leaving us with Dava’s raw vocals full of emotion.

LA-based artist Dava describes her sound as “a cozy cushion of warm RnB, palpable pop and flourishes of emo with cherry-sweet vocals and an honest, emotional core.” While her 2019 single “Hoodie Strings” has over 312,900 streams on Spotify, anticipation is rising as Dava’s debut EP “Sticky” is set for release this fall.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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