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“Right Back Where We Started” - Max Parker | Review

There’s nothing quite like reminiscing on “the good ol’ days” whether it's a past relationship or life before quarantine. “Right Back Where We Started” by Max Parker is an upbeat electro pop song about going back to those happier times.

The upbeat, quick rhythm matches the artist’s light and fun tone. The production and synths add a nostalgic element that makes the song dancy. He fondly describes a happy past relationship that ended over nothing and sings that, “I know we can bring it back just like we never parted...let’s go right back where we started.” Max Parker’s vocalization is layered over the dancy beat to add complexity to the song that is a joy to listen to. He is full of hope, and that hope is radiant.

18-year-old Max Parker, a Canadian singer-songwriter and pop artist from Toronto, ON, burst onto the music scene with versatility and hooks galore back in 2018. Finding his musical influences in artists like John Mayer, Lauv and Coldplay, Max started playing the guitar at 10-years old and quickly realized that writing songs meant something special to him. Six years later, he posted his first video on YouTube and began performing at venues across Toronto.

Now he has worked with notable producers and songwriters, including John Nathaniel (One Republic, Switchfoot, Marie Mai), Derek Hoffman (Ralph, Caveboy), Connor Seidel (Charlotte Cardin, Ralph), Joel Stouffer (Ria Mae, bülow, Dragonette.) “Right Back Where We Started” is the first song of his forthcoming debut EP that will be released later this year.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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