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"Riding A Tiger" - Alora Farenweh | Review

Alora Farenweh invites listeners into a fantastical world of bubble gum electro pop with her newest single "Riding A Tiger".

I felt my face light up as soon as I pressed play. Alora's sweet vocals and light instrumentation just felt refreshing and wholesome. "Riding A Tiger" was a mental vacation in song form.

Produced by Joey Langlois, her new single, “Riding a Tiger,” is a story coming to life. You, the listener, are riding the tiger. You are in Alora’s mind. She sees a pink world. It's an almost empty land, with low pink fluffy clouds and a tall palace, dark inside but bright on the outside. Imagine riding a fierce tiger through a pink monochrome jungle and exploring a dark palace.

Alora Farenweh is a young Canadian singer-songwriter who creates dreamy folk-pop with the hope of transporting her listeners to another world. As someone who struggles with depersonalization disorder/derealization disorder (where you feel you are outside of yourself/that the world around you isn't real), this felt-experience carries over into her music. Both lyrics and soundscapes often imitate a dream, and invite the listener into a world of colour, glowing crystals, and (often) friendly animals. Usually appearing in a whimsical white paper crown, Alora weaves layers of spiritual significance into her work.

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