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“Rewind” - Royt x Shahfeel x ZACHARY | Review

A collaborative indie electronic anthem, “Rewind” blends the stylings of Royt, Shahfeel, and ZACHARY.

“Rewind” is a soothing indie-pop song with a melancholic chord progression and retrospective lyrics carry the listener to a dreamy drop with reversed synths and a punchy drumline. This is the third release from Royt’s and Shahfeel’s “Impulse” EP, which relives the journey of falling for someone and riding the highs and lows of that experience as it unfolds. The track dances beautifully blending synths with smooth vocals to create a track that ebbs and flows in a perfect way for a summer night drive.

On the track they said: We wrote Rewind as a retrospective song questioning whether someone special felt the same way you did about the moments you shared. Do they think those stories were worth telling? Because they’re worth it to you and it’s hard to let go, so you let the moments rewind you back to that time.

Royt is the artist project of San Francisco-based electronic musician Brian Roytman. The producer and songwriter makes use of a multi-instrumentalist background to forge atmospheric dance music from elements of pop, indie electronic, alternative rock, future bass, and U.K. inspired house.

Sajay Shah, better known by his stage name Shahfeel, is an electronic music artist who's just getting started. Raised in the heart of the Silicon Valley, he began creating music at the age of 16 as a way to unravel the captivating mindset of his favorite producers. Inspired by of all types of genres from classical to electronic, his influences have led him to create tracks that are like no other.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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