Review: Ängie 'Suicidal Since 1995'

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Edgy new artist Ängie released her debut album “Suicidal Since 1995” earlier this month and it’s exactly the dark pop sound we need right before the season of summer-y, light-hearted tunes arrive. My two favorite songs off this album are “Boss” and “Here For My Habits.”

With a simple, catchy chorus and solid beat, “Boss” hooks you in immediately. Compared to the other songs on this record, it has a lighter feel to it and doesn’t hit you as hard, which is perfect for a easygoing listening experience. It expertly sets the mood for a late night party with its slightly gloomy, but casually optimistic tone and lack of overly complex lyrics.

“Here For My Habits” is a perfect introduction to this album for reluctant listeners. Its strange, twisted electronic accompaniment blends in with her foggy, mysterious lyrics and smoky vocals. It’s quite different than any other pop songs out there with its somewhat eerie energy, which is what makes it so intriguing.

Overall, “Suicidal Since 1995” is designed for music lovers looking for a darker pop sound that doesn’t waste time with the metaphorical. Ängie gives her listeners everything straight-on, a sense of raw honestly sometimes hard to find in the world of pop music.

Suicidal Since 1995 showcases a new and ever-more exciting side to Ängie, which has won her critical praise across the board and fans around the world.

Listen on Spotify here:

Written and Edited by: Tatum Jenkins


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