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"Rest Of Us" - Blake Rose | Review

Australian singer-songwriter Blake Rose releases emotional track, "Rest Of Us".

Rose has a natural gift with his storytelling ability. This song can resonate with any listener. As a follow up single to his hit song "Gone", "Rest Of Us" is his first release with AWAL Recordings. This single continues to allow listeners to immerse themself in the narrative of Rose's lyrics. The track itself has the perfect amount of space to allow his words to resonate and his vocals to shine.

According to Rose, "Rest Of Us,"“a middle finger to anyone who doesn’t want you to live your dream,”Blake reveals.“A friend of mine wanted to be a musician but his family was not supportive. This took a toll on him and he ended up never pursuing his dream. You hear about stuff like this happening all the time and Ithink it’s incredibly sad that there are so many people in the world whose art we will never have the chance to discover because some narrow minded folk decided to steer them away from doing what they love. Fuck those people.”

I can't sing Rose's praises enough. I've said before that this artist is something special and a star to look out for. From having Unheard Gems Sammi Constantine and Airports give Rose a shout out for our Unheard Gems listeners back in 2017, two years prior to his debut single, to now seeing him with millions of streams, it is truly an incredible story to watch unfold. This is why I (Hannah Schneider) created Unheard Gems. I can't wait to see where Rose takes us all next.

Born in Australia and based in Los Angeles, his sound is anchored in luminous and lush six-string conjurations, offset by sparse beat-craft, off-kilter plugins, in-the-box wizardry, and soulful intonation.“The guitar is generally the driving link between the songs,”he goes on. “It’s how I typically write. Everything starts there.”In just over a year, Blake Rose has gone from busking in the streets of Perth to becoming one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in 2020. He catapulted into the spotlight in 2019 with self-penned, self-produced gems such as his debut ‘Hotel Room,’ which Spotify touted on New Music Friday. Then his follow-up, “Lost,” further ignited a buzz, having impressively surpassed 30 million streams to date.Now, with“Gone,”and most recently,“Rest Of Us,” Blake is further solidifying his potential as a global force in music.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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