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"Reset" - Vox Rea | Review

The forecast predicts sunshine, warmth, and absolute joy now that Vox Rae’s new feel-good single, “Rest” is here. Opening with ethereal vocal harmonies, only to launch into a groovy, indie pop swing, it’s guaranteed to make you smile as you dream of the warmer, longer days that lie ahead.

The timing of this song could not be more perfect— as we settle into the new year, recovering from the mass trauma of the last, the good vibes and positivity that just ooze from this song are infectious. Maybe it takes you on a mental vacation for now, but you can’t help but feel like with spring around the corner, it’s bound to be true eventually. Its wably guitar and bubbling bass just sound like the feeling of relief and renewal on the first sunny, warm day of the year. The “sha la la”’s floating in the back feel like opening the windows and dancing without a care around a sun-drenched kitchen.

Uptempo and fun, the song keeps you interested throughout the entirety of its 3-minute run. It’s sonically engaging, citing influences of dreampop with a slight twinge of early 60s pop— think of indie staples like Alvvays and Summer Salt— if they made a song together, I imagine it would sound something like this.

The band notes that despite the song being written before the pandemic, the lyric “you’re the cure I’ve been searching for,” has “really taken on a whole new meaning this year.”

Vox Rae is a Vancouver-based four-piece band made up of Kate Kurdyak and her sister Lauren Kurdyak, their childhood best friend Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher, and Mitchell Schaumburg. Each member has an extensive background in music, with Schaumburg graduating Berklee College of Music, the Kurdyak sisters training in classical music throughout their lives, and Hansen-Boucher being an accomplished vocalist. On top of that, the three women previously worked together in The Katherines, when their album “To Bring You My Heart” earned over one million streams on Spotify.

Written by Jess Ward

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