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Relay Relay- Back to the Light | Review

We all need that light seeker in our lives. Someone who's able to pull us out of this song. I don't care what anyone says, this song is that person for me. If that makes any sense.

This easy going song has some nice crunchy guitar going on, with a beachy support guitar. The synths help to levitate the song even further. This song makes you wanna smile I swear.

“You take my hand and bring me back to the light, it's for me to admit and say that you were right.”

Not every day feels sunny, but some people make the world a little brighter.

“Back To The light” has summer vibes written all over it.

Relay Relay is a husband and wife duo who combine retro soundscapes, with some guitar and crispy drums and bring you a sound that feels new yet familiar. They currently cruise around, enjoying the outdoors, and sleeping wherever the stars and road takes them.

If this is your first glimpse of Relay Relay I suggest you hang out for a while.

You won’t regret it.


Written by SpeakEasy

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