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“Reality” - STVN | Review

The first track off of their upcoming EP, STVN released single, “Reality”.

A chilled out short and sweet love song is just what we needed. This mixture of indie, RnB, pop, and electronic is perfection. The story told in this song is precious. That head over heels kinda crush where you can’t stop thinking about that person but you have no idea if they really feel the same. Amazing vocals with darling lyrics, a great beat, and just overall 10/10 good vibes! The jazzy and soulful style this artist brings is fresh but also resonates with any listener.

STVN says on the song: “I was inspired to write this cute tune after a few nights in a row of staying up talking with someone on Facetime during this time of social distancing. This song is about liking someone, but you haven't quite confessed your feelings yet. Both of you are staying up talking, and seem to like one another, but want to make your dream of being with them a reality! :)”

Steven Alexander Chen aka STVN is an independent artist, producer and songwriter from Philadelphia. He released his first single "Heartstrings" in 2019 which has since amassed over 150,000 streams across platforms. He performed his most recent single "Somebody" with Aubrey Toone on Good Day PA on ABC27, and is quickly generating a following with a fresh and distinguished sound.



Review by Hannah Schneider

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