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"Read My Hips" - Lulise |Review

Read My Hips is a perfect song for more sensual moments. Lulise’s rich vocals float over the smooth, slow beat. This single has lots of soul and displays Lulise’s impressive range, hitting both delicate high notes and deep low notes. While this song is reminiscent of previous Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande hits, Lulise brings her own unique emotionality and vocals to Read My Hips, distinguishing her from other female pop artists.

Lulise grew up in Los Angeles and this is her first single. Prior to her solo act, she performed with the pop duo Honey and Jude for 3 years. With Read My Hips, she’s already beginning to work with incredible people with Pretty Sister (Betty Who, Superfruit) producing this song.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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