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"Radio Slave" - Rooskin | Review

Get ready for a sense of beautiful nostalgia with the new release from Rooskin, "Radio Slave".

Rooskin are an Indie-Pop band from Essex combining their array of influences to create a feel good, summer loving, easy going sound!

This band is bringing a totally fresh take on the traditional style of surf pop. This genre has started to really make its return the last few months so I can see this song truly taking off. I feel like the goal of 'surf' as a genre is to transport you to a happier time and place, this is a song we needed right now. So just take it easy and let yourself enjoy the retro sounds of Rooskin.

About the song: "We wanted to keep the bands pop core and bring in stronger elements of surf, psychedelia and shoegaze to contribute to the summer driven feeling we already had going on. “Radio Slave” is a track written about trusting your self to know what you like and what you don’t - not just liking something because it’s easy or popular. Even knowing that you DO like something that others don't - just about making your mind up for your self. “Radio Slave” comes on Rooskin's debut EP titled 'Honey Spells' and is probably the “surfiest” of the EP. This is a track we never get bored of playing live and is one of the oldest in our live set."

Review by Hannah Schneider

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