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“Pyscho” - XANDE | Review & Spotlight

“Pyscho” is the final single off of XANDE’s upcoming debut album “Maybe Different Is Not So Bad”.

"Psycho" is a song about a toxic-relationship. Post Malone -esque, the commercial sounding track hits listeners with a taste of vulnerability and pain. This isn’t what we generally cover on Unheard Gems, but this track made us stop in our tracks. The lyrics are conversational and personal, there is something so interesting and real about this track. The album, "Maybe Different Is Not So Bad" is a genre-bending album with influences ranging from Sigur Rós to Deftones from James Blake and Orchestral Music composers like Thomas Newman to Kanye West auto-tune, nothing is off the table and everything is acceptable if it feels right.

XANDE, born Vasco Alexandre Ramos is a Portuguese singer/songwriter. Born in Setúbal, a small fisherman town by the coast of Portugal, XANDE got to travel the world playing music with his band "More Than A Thousand" including tours with 30 Seconds to Mars and Papa Roach, but the band eventually disbanded in 2016. Determined to continue doing music, XANDE started working on his solo project and released his debut EP "It Is What It Is" in 2018. Recorded by George Seara (Shawn Mendes, Drake) and producer Filipe Survival (Rich The Kid, Pitbull) the EP was a departure from all his previous work with dark pop and 80's synth music as an influence.

A fresh start in a different direction landed him a support slot with the rock giants 30 Seconds To Mars in Europe once again, and a new fanbase was being formed. By the end of 2019 XANDE began writing his sophomore EP "Maybe Different Is Not So Bad". His difficulty to fit in genres and trends was the inspiration behind the title and one of the main subjects for the new songs. Another subject depicted in the EP is his personal life, being a son of a schizophrenic father with PTSD caused by war and a hustler-warrior amazing beautiful mother, he used his songs as a way to share his experiences with very personal and emotional lyrics.

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