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"Puttin' It Off" - Matt Moody | Review

The title of this track inflicts people every single day. Either for work or a chore you have to get done, a lot of the time it’s put off. I know I do it all of the time. But let's get to the song.

I keep getting lucky with reviewing all of the funky songs. Matty Moody’s voice compliments the funky beat quite well. I really enjoyed the xylophone (is that how you spell it?), drums, and guitar mix. Several times in the song, the guitar has little solos which really put the song together.

The beat is one of those beats that no matter what music you like you can still nod your head. This reminds me of the time my buddies and I were in an uber. A song came on and at that exact moment all of our heads were nodding at the same time. “Putin it Off” has this exact potential. Go nod your heads off to this track!

Matt Moody is from Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Magazine once said, and I quote, “The only reputation we know about Matt Moody is for being one of the city’s catchiest songwriters.” Not a bad rep!

Matt has drawn his interests from wearing “many hats in the industry.” I guess it’s safe to say that Matt has been a staple in the Cleveland music scene for years and hey, if he keeps making jams like “Putin it Off”, who knows… he could end up Cleveland's mecca, the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

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