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“Pushing Daisies” – Melanie MacLaren | Review

Dancing delicately on a fine line between indie folk and dream pop, Melanie MacLaren’s “Pushing Daisies” is an ethereal expression of sentimental love. With a beautifully haunting intro, the effect of the dreamlike quality of production is immediate, pulling the listener through a distorted, dreamy atmosphere with haunting “poetic lyricism.”

“What starts as a seemingly simple, meditative portrait of an acoustic singer-songwriter builds into a modern stream of consciousness ballad— emotional catharsis against crashing and urgent drums.” The strumming guitar throughout the track exhibits a tranquil monotony, the airy vocals nearly blending into the melody. At times, the vocals overlap, immersing you in MacLaren’s breathtaking world for just a moment, until the chorus crashes in, “bringing the listener out of the atmospheric escape and into reality.”

Frantic lyricism coupled with MacLaren’s breathy, yet powerful vocals create a universe amongst itself within the track. Seamlessly, the urgent drums and belting lyrics contrast against the delicate atmosphere, providing a welcome interlude throughout the song. MacLaren is known for her “natural aptitude for emotional, nuanced delivery, wistful guitar playing, and her ability to write about life as if life were simply writing itself.” Shining through in “Pushing Daisies,” MacLaren’s ability to launch her listeners into a momentary, mystifying state is everything you could hope for in a dream pop track.

Reminiscent of cinematic indie-folk tracks from artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Hozier, and Lord Huron, Melanie MacLaren’s “Pushing Daisies” is a regal exemplification of a dreamy folk sound that is all too easy to sink into, allowing yourself a brief escape into an alternative reality.

Recently relocated from New York to Nashville, Melanie MacLaren is an independent indie alternative-folk musician. Her debut EP, “Kill my Time” is expected to be released in the late fall of this year.

Written by Lena Hageman

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