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“Pull Me Down” - Dance Yourself Clean

“Pull Me Down” works as an expressive indie pop song. The trippy sound mixed with breezy lyrics gives it an overall catchy melody. It evokes the feeling of a daydream while also giving tons of energy into its performance, keeping it memorable and enticing.

The story speaks about how one person is more free-spirited and prone to fantasy, they rely on the support of their partner because they keep them grounded. Their stoic, precise nature keeps the free spirit from flying off the handle. At the same time, the free spirit adds levity into their partner’s life. Both work as each other’s complements, and it really fits into the song's overall sound.

Dance Yourself Clean started in Seattle (2013) as, “an indie dance party that grew into the first touring dance party in North America.” They have since moved to Los Angeles to expand their brand and even created their own record label (Lights & Music Collective). “Pull Me Down” is the perfect song to listen to if you’re ever feeling too mixed up in the world and need something to bring you back down to Earth.

Review by Hannah Silverman

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