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"Prototype” - Elly Shane | Review

There’s no music video and when you search for Elly Shane on your streaming service, it’s the only single but it’s such a powerhouse of a song it makes you wonder how that’s possible.

The vocal range taps into modern R&B stars like Sabrina Claudio and H.E.R.. The lyrics tap into the conversations you have with your best girlfriends getting ready to go out on a Friday night. The modern-day dating app, no strings attached relationships that rule the younger generations looking for love. Elly takes the power back—saying love’s not real, just a prototype in this teasing hit.

It’s a single girl anthem that acknowledges that being single doesn’t mean you’re always alone. You have the capability to call the shots just like the men who’ve written these same songs before with the same concepts. In the song Shane’s basically saying, “Yeah, this was fun but you can go home now I’m not trying to fall in love with you”. The same theme of top-charting hits from Drake and The Weeknd. With the production sounding like an Ariana Grande chart-topping hit. It’s a song that’s made for girlfriend singalongs and those moments alone when you look in the mirror before your Uber ride. The lyrics are Gen-Z answer to “single and ready to mingle.”

By Amanda Collins

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