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“Private Island” - pjpoppy | Review

Who doesn’t love some vibey indie-R&B? “Private Island” is that perfect song to kick back and chill.

This song feels like sunny days, which wouldn’t we all like some relaxing time in the sun with our friends right now? Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangout your friend, go next to a window or outside, play this song, have a chat, hopefully you feel a bit of that fun sunshine spirit. I really like pjpoppy’s vocals and how versatile he sounds. The bouncy, floaty feel of this track is perfect for putting you in a good mood and setting you up for a good day.

Pjpoppy is a 22 year old R&B artist from New York. Going to school at Ithaca College studying film and photography, he quickly realized that his true passion was creating music. While interning at two recording studios, a label in Los Angeles California, and utilizing his resources at school, he found a way to save money and obtain studio time to record professionally. While finishing up his degree, networking with other artists, and creating content, his main focus stayed chasing a career in making music professionally. Setting up a home studio his senior year to work on his mixes and masters he finally felt ready to release. His new debut single "Private Island" is on streaming services now! The easy-listening track invites you into pjpoppys world of love, color, and irrational romantics.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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