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"Pretty" - Estella Dawn | Review

First few seconds, okay, a piano ballad...wait a little longer, the vocals are filled with soul and rich with power.

Estella Dawn is a talent that needs to get her time in the spotlight. The moment you hear her voice cut through you are reminded almost of an Alicia Keys-esc power ballad. This song is almost basic in its instrumentation but it only accentuates these vocals and lyrics which are overflowing with emotion.

"This song has nothing to do with aesthetics, being attractive, is in my opinion the least interesting thing about a person BUT feeling confident, comfortable and empowered in your body is important, to me that is true beauty.

It would be nice to feel great about yourself every day but life can, at times, have a tendency to make you feel small and inadequate. It’s especially easy now with the addition of social media, comparing your body and life to the bodies and lives of “perfect” people online can be soul crushing. It can leave you feeling like all that you are isn’t enough.

That’s when you need someone to lift you up. You need kind words when you’re unable to speak them to yourself, you need reassurance when you’re feeling discouraged. You need a reminder that you’re a bad ass and that you should never shrink to make others comfortable, because you’re not “too much” you’re just enough." - Dawn

Estella, New Zealand born, US based songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. As a working musician, she writes and records her vocals and piano as well as co-producing all aspects of her music. Estella sings with the melodic command, subtlety and range that spans genres. She's been compared to the likes of, Adele, Billie Eilish, Pink and Hayley Williams to name a few. These well crafted songs contain multiple layers, both vocally and musically, subtle and soothing when needed and sharp and gritty when desired.

​Estella Dawn has something to say, and she does it through music. Her songs are often personal and social explorations of life. 2020 saw her refine her skills to develop and define her own style, as well as navigate the overall business of music. It was a prolific year for Estella, she released 10 tracks, a new single every 6 weeks, building a steadily growing following that are resonating with her intimate, been there, done that, outlook on life. With this growth, there have been many highs, her song "I Dare You" charted on the media base Radio Top 40 chart, she's been interviewed by and had songs added to many radio stations, her songs have also been included on some big Spotify playlists and she's had many wonderful reviews by global music bloggers.

Building on this work, 2021 began strong with Estella's first single 'Petty' (January 14th) followed by 'Trolls' (April 1st), a (Joe Sheriff) remix of 'I Dare You' (July 2nd) her next single 'Pretty' will be out August 20th.

Estella heads into the studio in October to record and produce her first full length album with a band, keep an eye on Estella Dawn she clearly has a deep creative well to draw from.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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