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"Pretty Boy" - Cat Boland | Review

Some big sister advice is coming to you from artist Cat Boland in her new release “Pretty Boy.”

The perfect pretty boy character in every movie and show with floppy hair has always been the main love interest on-screen and to young fans. Maturing is realizing that the “desirable” boy was toxic, immature and manipulative. Boland had that moment and translated it into music.

“So many times I’ve heard “I’m only attracted to assholes” or “I only want guys that I can’t have.” What does that even mean. Why do we let ourselves do that? The man who will intentionally reply to your messages a day later to make it seem like he doesn’t like you is NOT the man we deserve!! It took me a really long time to realize that,” Boland said in a press release. “I really think media should do a better job of setting examples for girls because it has a HUGE effect on their expectations when they grow up.”

The melody and instrumentals are reminiscent of characteristics heard from lounge singers. The light violin sounds and soft but beats contrast perfectly with Boland’s deep soothing voice. “Pretty Boy” is as if blues vocals married contemporary R&B, it meets at a sweet spot while holding the beauties of each genre. Vocals align with the story: mature, rich and serene.

“Don’t let that boy use you.” So many people have heard this warning at some point in their lives. Some brush it off and chase after them. Okay, let’s be honest, most of us do. That phrase sounds annoying and triggers an instant block when you’re falling steep in love. Boland does the opposite with the infamous line. “Pretty Boy,” sounds like your big sister is telling her own story, what she experienced to simply guide you in making a mature decision. It is out of love, authentic. “Commitment issues then he tries to kiss you makes you think that he’ll miss you but he won’t. You know they don’t, they never do.”

This new release is a coming-of-age, growing-up song that could easily fit into everyone’s lives, no matter who you are or who you are falling for.

Cat Boland is a singer-songwriter with a voice that captures an authentic female experience. Influenced by The Killers, Amy Winehouse and Maggie Rogers, this artist incorporates jazz and blues to release music that resonates with women. The Dublin resident from Boston is “figuring things out” and helping young women everywhere do the same through her music.

Written by YooJin Son

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