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"Preston Park" - SANISTATION

SANISTATION brings back some beachy indie flair with their new single "Preston Park".

Preston Park, a sonically happy song with somber lyrics creates an uplifting feeling that leaves you with a smile. There is something very reminiscent of 2000s movies with this single to me. I think I just could imagine a little summer movie montage to it.

I love the rock flair that this band has incorporated into their indie pop aesthetic, I think the influence of British pop music really shines through and sets the single apart.

A Brighton-based indiepop/poprock band: Sanistation makes catchy, energetic and emotionally charged music. A mixture of Talking Heads quirkiness, Imagine Dragons’ energy and melodic prowess and a healthy dose of indie influences makes them sound fresh, unique and yet comfortingly familiar. Their blend of real instruments with electronic accents spices up their sound and the many layers of backing vocals give their songs an anthemic atmosphere.

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