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“Pressure Pt II” - James Vickery x Sinead Harnett | Review

“Pressure Pt II” by James Vickery and Sinead Harnett is an indie RnB song that left me no choice but to dance along with it.

This song serenades you with a groovy, head-bopping beat and some electric guitar. Vickery’s breathy tone, harmonies, and effortlessly beautiful vocalization really stand out. It is also lyrically impressive as Vickery teamed up with Sinead Harnett. Vicker’s part of the duet describes the perspective of someone feeling the pressures of a new relationship and just hoping the partner is falling for them. Harnett meets him with her soulful voice, adding depth to the catchy melodies with her stunning high notes and tone. She sings the other perspective which explains why it is difficult for them to love sometimes.

James Vickery is a UK-based RnB singer. He lists artists like Nao as inspirations as he vows to follow their example and stick with his sound from day one. Growing up, he was in and out of hospitals due to a hearing impairment. James recalled, “The truth is I found out I could sing, almost accidentally - because of speech therapy, and never looked back since.” This song is the second part to his 2019 single “Pressure (with SG Lewis)” which has accumulated over 7 million streams on Spotify.

Sinead Harnett is a singer-songwriter born and raised in London. Some of her early musical inspirations include Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Lauryn Hill. Her 2020 single “If You Let Me” has already reached over 64 million streams on Spotify. She also created a song that uses her breathtaking vocals to describe the loneliness we all feel during quarantine, rightfully titled “Quarantine Queen.”



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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