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"Pressure"- Cooper Leith |Review

Cooper Leith, a promising LA-based producer, has released his debut single “Pressure,” featuring the gorgeous vocals of Laica. Although it is only just now being released, the origins of “Pressure” go back to 2017, when Cooper saw Laica busking on the streets of Santa Monica. Cooper was stunned by her vibrant vocals, and the two soon reunited in the recording studio. Collaboration came easy: most of “Pressure” was written in just 45 minutes during that first studio session.

Perhaps, the only thing better than this song’s origin story is the song itself; this single is pure pop-R&B perfection. Cooper’s pristine production is chill, and it blends beautifully with Laica’s raw, impassioned vocals. With a defiant and instantly catchy chorus, this song is sure to stick with listeners. Not to mention the song’s lyrics, which should be instantly relatable to anyone who has ever felt tired of giving second chances in relationships to undeserving partners. And Laica’s often defiant, occasionally delicate, but always strong vocals perfectly suit the lyrics.

In only two years, Cooper Leith has gone from being a little known producer in a new city, to being a producer for artist’s with millions of plays. Now, he has released a stunning single under his own name. And with two more singles set to release this fall and summer, he’s certainly on our radar.

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Written by Gabriel Grassie

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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