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"play" - Grace Kay | Review

When “Play” began to play. I immediately started to bop my head up and down. The instrumentals of the track are fantastic.

I really got a Daft Punk vibe. There’s a slight xylophone with a side of piano and an 808. Not bad. I felt like I was listening to a song from an electric show but then you hear Grace’s voice which compliments the instrumentals of the song fantastically. Her voice is very calm and relaxing but at the same time matches each element of the song. There’s no outlying vocals that you typically hear in a song. Well done!

"My best friend is a dancer. Her biggest fear is losing the ability to dance with age, which is funny because her dream is to be an actor. I just needed her to remember that there are more ways than one to express creativity. If one mode of creativity disappears with age, physical ability, or personal growth, there are a million other ways to create joy for ourselves. So let's fuckin play while we can. That's how the song was born." - Grace Kay

Grace is from Los Angeles. She describes her music as “dreamy art-pop… consisting of minimalistic but international production and vocal-driven.” Don’t be too surprised if we see Grace on a top list sometime soon!

Written by Quincy Williamson

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