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“Plastic” - Sasha & The Bear | Review

Sasha & The Bear's latest offering, "Plastic," is a captivating blend of indie folk and indietronica that delves deep into the human psyche. This track serves as a poignant commentary on the desire to break free from superficiality and find genuine connections in a world often masked by artificial facades.

From the outset, "Plastic" enchants listeners with soft, floaty vocals that create an ethereal atmosphere. However, what begins as a seemingly gentle indie folk tune quickly evolves into a complex sonic landscape. The band skillfully incorporates synths, vocal chops, and intricate beats, showcasing their mastery of the indietronica genre.

Lyrically, "Plastic" is both introspective and encouraging. The repeated phrase "Trust me" acts as a rallying cry to those hesitant to pursue their dreams, urging them to take risks in the pursuit of happiness. This message resonates strongly, reminding us that life is indeed too short for hesitation.

The song's production is a standout feature, with a variety of sonic textures weaving together to create a rich, multi-layered experience. As the track progresses, it builds to an anthemic climax, leaving listeners feeling both moved and uplifted.

"Plastic" is a testament to Sasha & The Bear's artistic growth and their ability to craft music that is both emotionally resonant and sonically innovative. It's a track that rewards multiple listens, revealing new nuances and depths with each play. For fans of thoughtful, genre-blending indie music, "Plastic" is an essential addition to their playlist.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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