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“Permanent Vacation”- Tamar Berk |Review

Tamar Berk’s is looking to be reborn in her latest song “Permanent Vacation”.

As the song's dreamlike melody starts to play, you begin the search for peace and hope for an ever-evolving change. I got the opportunity to delve into a meditative state as her voice gained access to my heart and mind. The desire to want something different. To look towards something new. The Latin feel of the trumpets mid-way through the song set me right at home. This record was inspired by her first vacation in Costa Rica after the pandemic. Tamar Berk perfectly depicted the flight anxiety that most of us experience. The way moments in time come at you all at once increasing the fear in what lies ahead. You can feel the sense of effort in trying to connect with oneself. The search for comfort in someone else or in a different version of yourself is a feeling I’m way too familiar with. Vacations are known to be a place where you can take time to escape your day to day. In this song you can tell the impact of what this moment made for her. Although vacations are only meant to be for a brief moment in time, this experience left a permanent mark for her even if it’s just in her mind. She gave us the privilege to hear this impactful moment through a song. As I left my meditative state, I felt as if I was reborn. I found peace in this song and it will forever be a permanent peaceful happy place, or some might say vacation in my mind.

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