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“Peaches” - John Brazell | Review

Are you ready for some fun acoustic pop! John Brazell is here to deliver with his new single “Peaches”.

A perfect blend of acoustic and bubble gum pop, this song exudes summer and fun. Brazell has an almost country music kind of inflection to his vocals but almost a boyband style production to the track itself. “Peaches” honestly sounds like what seeing the world through rose-colored glasses looks like. Warm, sweet, fun, Brazell brings something new to pop and creates a sound that feels like joy.

“At the end of the day, I want to be somebody you think of who sings and writes really great songs,” Napa, California-based singer/songwriter John Brazell says. He’s a Joyful Troubadour with acoustic/pop sensibilities, an entertainer who loves transforming a room with melody and spirit. With his easy-going demeanor, Brazell is most likely to take the stage in a T-shirt and jeans, and very little pretense of being anything other than a guy who likes singing songs.

His frank viewpoint infuses both his releases, the five-track debut Gonna Get There (2009); and Restless Heart (2013), featuring 11 songs produced by Brazell and college friends Derek Bargaehr and Sean Beck. Even his music video for the single City Girl plays out like a “three-minute romantic comedy.”

There’s a driven side to Brazell, too. He earned a bachelor’s degree in music from Azusa Pacific University, known for a rigorous music program. Growing up, he skateboarded and played water polo and tennis. And his approach to music was “obsessive”—“From like two years old I always had a guitar in my hand—when he wasn’t playing, he was attending concerts and listening to other artists.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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