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Peaches and Wine- TUSHAR | Review

If you are looking for a piece of Summer in the seemingly eternal winter that is February, look no further than ‘Peaches and Wine’ by Tushar.

This upbeat and warm indie tune is sure to brighten up your mood! With a sound that is similar to popular artists like Dayglow and Two Door Cinema Club, this song is the next addition to your beach playlist. Tushar’s airy vocals create a unique approach to this popular style, inviting us as listeners to join him in the bliss this track portrays.

Operating out of Australia, Tushar is sharing his talent across the globe! An added layer of intrigue to his music is the contrast between his lyrics and sound. His lyrics often focus on darker concepts, with a more ominous storyline. For example, ‘Peaches and Wine’ has lyrics portraying a murder mystery of sorts: “Poisoned peaches, red wine / Never suspected the wife. / No one could see in the night. / Shade of white in the dark light.” From his talent in storytelling to his ability to create a beautiful sound, it is clear that Tushar has a lot to offer. Be sure to give ‘Peaches and Wine’ a listen!

Written By: Julia Brennan

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