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"Patience" - MXE x JunaSwon

MXE and JunaSwon created a stunning RnB track that perfectly describes the push and pulls of romance.

"Patience" feels like the little sister to Summer Walker's "Girls Need Love". The song has rich vocals and a very distinct sound. I love the empowered female voice present in the storyline. It is a song about protecting your heart as you try and figure out if the other person really wants to commit to a relationship or just the idea of one. MXE describes the hesitancy to fall until you know someone is there for real.

"I wrote this song when I had little confidence in myself and would question the intentions of anyone who showed romantic interest in me. My initial response would be to use a defense mechanism to try and scare them off, however, if that didn’t work and I felt like I could trust them, the next thing I’d do is ask for patience to allow myself to trust and open up to them. These lyrics are my honest feelings in regards to people who see me as their next potential girlfriend, asking the question ‘how much effort are you willing to put in to have me?’"

MXE is the moniker for British-born, singer-songwriter Gabrielle Robinson. She started making music at the age of 7 years old, playing the violin in multiple orchestras. MXE found her passion for singing from her idol Beyonce and soon joined choirs along with involvement in a musical theatre company. It’s from these roots that she transitioned into contemporary music performing with R&B stylings and writing songs from her life experiences and everyday thoughts. Following her latest single named ’If You Want Me’, MXE is continuing to work on new music as well as her debut EP which is projected to be released in 2022.

Junaswon is an anonymous, Japanese born producer who takes inspiration from music idols such as; Frank Ocean, Prince, Nirvana and Thelonious Monk. Starting his career at age 13 playing the guitar, he found his passion for production in 2018 using stylings from his influences to create the projects you hear today. Junaswon is excited to continue sharing his music hoping the atmospheric R&B sounds he creates soothes the ears of listeners everywhere.

Review by Hannah Schneider


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