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“Patience” by NOA | Review

Divorce is not rare nowadays, and it leaves behind countless children who grow up to be skeptical of love and relationships. “Patience” by NOA is an electro-pop song for all of us who have set up protective walls, as we slowly learn to trust and be loved.

The production incorporates keyboards, synths, and echoes to form a catchy beat that is almost as addicting as the song’s melody. NOA’s unique tone is able to be both breathy, melodic, and strong as she weaves soulful and vulnerable lyrics together with skillful vocalization. She describes someone who’s looking for that authentic love amongst all the red flags. The ending of the song is divine. The production slowly fades out, leaving NOA’s voice to steal the last few seconds of the show with her effortlessly stunning tone.

NOA is a pop singer-songwriter hailing from Toronto, Canada whose music blends vibrant, catchy melodies with resonant emotions themes - from relationships to female empowerment and self-realization. She aims to lift her fans out of the noise and negativity of life with her fun and lighthearted tone. She was recently on season 2 of the CTV hit show ‘The Launch’ where she worked with Scott Borchetta (Big Machine Records) and Ryan Tedder (One Republic.)



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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