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"Paradox" - Clifford |Review

Where do I start…

This track is the most instrumentally mixed song I have ever heard. “Paradox” by Clifford has a guitar riff of an old southern country song, the bass of a hip-hop song, and drums from a rock/electronic/dance song. If this track was a dog it would be the world's muttiest dog… if that makes sense.

I don't know which setting I would like the most to listen to this song…

A bar?

A bonfire?

A club?

A sporting event?

I think I’ll take all of the above. I would call “Paradox” “genre-bending.”

But with that said, I’m a guy with a keen sense of new styles of music and this track hits every button. I really, REALLY enjoyed this one. And the message is even better. Regarding this Clifford says; “True love makes you strong and vulnerable, all at the same time… a paradox.”



Clifford is a US/UK citizen living in the U.S. He speaks French, English, and Arabic. Clifford states that his music typically incorporates “twangs of rural Maryland” with his different language skill set.

I really enjoyed this “genre mind boggling” track. Once again, a new addition to my music library.

Written By Quincy Williamson

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