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"Panic Attacks" - Serena Sun |Review

Serena Sun get vulnerable with her new post breakup song "Panic Attacks".

Serena’s new single, ‘Panic Attacks,’ was self-produced from her bedroom studio. It’s a happy-sounding sad song about experiencing anxiety; how it shows up at random points and can be triggered by external circumstances and traumas.

I feel like we all have gone through or know someone who has gone through a bitter end to a breakup where just no good terms were able to be achieved. There is this weird limbo of icky feelings despite any good. Sun does a great job of capturing that gut twisting feeling of seeing an ex (be it ex relationship or friendship etc) out in public and that moment of panic (be it a panic attack or otherwise). It is something so universally weird. Her openness about her feelings post relationship are powerful and hold a lot of weight and are beautifully shared.

Serena Sun is a Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and producer. Serena shares her experience in navigating the highs and lows of life through her unique melodies and honest lyrics. Inspired by a mix of indie pop and ambient soundscapes, Serena fuses the two with her airy vocals to create a unique, emotion-driven sound.

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