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“Over Again" - White Prism | Review

Interesting and engaging, White Prism creates a synth pop track that leaves you wanting to hear more. The vocals are beautifully dreamy and the track toys with highs and lows in a truly dynamic way.

“Over Again” - Is a trip down memory lane looking at a relationship you know isn’t really right but you do it anyway. It’s that kind of teenager ride or die story. Everyone thinks/knows your partner isn’t good for you or right for you but you can’t let it go and it feels like it’s you and them against the world.

The New York Times Magazine once proclaimed that there is an “undeniable visual quality to White Prism’s sound,” describing it as “cool, breathy vocals that float above a bed of icy, angular synths and syncopated beats, harkening back to ‘80s dance pop and conjuring something strangely futuristic.”

This is no more evident than in White Prism’s forthcoming releases.

White Prism is the brainchild of Australian-born composer, producer and vocalist Johanna Cranitch. Cranitch grew up with Classical music, studied Jazz in college and cut her teeth in NYC as an assistant recording engineer before joining bands such The Cranberries and Nina Persson (The Cardigans) as a background vocalist and keyboard player. Now living in LA and working as a music producer, Cranitch finally has time to release the new music she’s been working on for these past few years.

Heavy influenced by artists like Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Joni Mitchell and Cocteau Twins, Cranitch marries synth pop sounds with melodies and lyrics that tell stories of love and loss, triumph and failure.

There’s a lot I’d like to show the world in 2020,” declares Cranitch. “I’m trying to navigate being a mom and a full-time producer at Squeak E Clean Studios, while reviving my creative self after a hiatus.”

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