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“outside/inside” - gnash | Review

Exploring new sonic corners and sound, gnash delivers a new two-part release "outside/ inside". Gnash's music is a reflection of his truest self. "I'll never be afraid to express myself, and I feel that's where my biggest strength lies."


Life is full of crippling fear and anxiety that something will go wrong. We are surrounded by terrible news and dangers. The only feelings that overpowers that are hope and love. “Outside” by gnash perfectly describes this internal struggle between safety and happiness. “It's scary because I don't know what's scaring me the most" captures the feeling quite perfectly but ends on a high with the powerful line, "why don't we turn it around, spend the rest of the day with our heads in the clouds," gnash said.

The song begins with a sweet, warm humming followed by a lovely guitar melody that wraps you tightly in a warm blanket of comfort. The dialogue darts between discussing all the scary things that are outside your control. In the end, gnash decides that with hope and love we can get through the bad and enjoy the sweet parts of life.


Moving from the warmth of “outside”, “inside” is a distant stream of consciousness that just flows. One minute and thirty-six seconds of beautifully raw thought. Gnash lets listeners inside his mind and concerns for himself and the world.

“I don’t like who I am sometimes, I don’t like who I am inside”. Lyrics that stop you in your tracks. It is so hard to admit that you don’t like things about yourself let alone just who you are sometimes. Moving from the thoughts on the world, “inside” turns inward, rather than the things in the world that scare you, there are things within yourself that are equally scary or dark or beautiful. These two tracks complement each other in the way we can look at the world, the grandness that is everything outside the walls of your home or self, and then the direct relationships you have in close proximity and yourself. It’s not all the world outside, it comes down to you.

On the track, gnash shares: "Fear and Hope. Those are the two emotions I've been feeling most recently. Like all of you, I've had some time to think for some months now. In the form of mediation, outside/inside is a journey through my daily thought process. "outside" is a deep dive down into my mind without my usual sugarcoating on. "inside" allows me to honestly confess some realizations & resolutions I've made from the self-reflection time we've all accidentally found ourselves with."

"What holds them together and what's keeping us all together right now is that we're all asking the same questions & facing the same moral dilemmas. Obviously, I'm not a scientist or a fortune teller. I don't have the answer to these questions. But I can let you know that I'm asking the same things. I believe that if we feel together, then we'll feel better."

Gnash, Multi-platinum singer, songwriter and producer, was behind the 2016 5X platinum breakthrough hit “i hate you, i love you” which now has over 2 billion streams in total. The Los Angeles based musician lists artists like Cisco Adler, Jack Johnson, and Ben Gibbard as inspirations for his sound.

With just a DIY studio in his home garage, gnash focused on penning his innermost thoughts and creating something that was more than just pleasant to listen to, but sparked something inside of him. "It's not about how it sounds, it's about what I'm saying," he explains. "I was raised that it's okay to have feelings, as long as you aren't afraid to talk about them -- so I've chosen to do that by documenting the feelings I have in my heart in my art."

gnash has spent the past few years building his name and sharing his story. He has released 4 EP's: "u," "me," "us," "if, and his debut album "we"; which serve as a walk through the many ups and downs of his life - from breakups to finding yourself, to finding something new. He is also featured on acclaimed singer-songwriter MAX's 2x platinum hit "Lights Down Low," which has over 400 million streams; he has performed on The TODAY Show and Late Night with Seth Meyers, and has garnered high-profile features in VOGUE, Billboard, The New York Times and more.

Written by Hannah Schneider and Annika Johnson

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