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Our January 2018 New Music Favorites

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Broken by Mathew V:

“Not Broken Anymore!” Mathew, one of our favorites, kicked off his 2018 with a new single from his upcoming LP “The Fifth” which comes out on April 6th! Broken is an anthem you can belt about getting over it and moving on! The song was inspired by a break up but Mathew said “I’ve had a lot of time to heal, and I’ve had a pretty frickin’ amazing year which gave me some glue to put all of the pieces back together. With “Broken” I wanted to branch out sonically and lyrically from the sad songs I’ve made in the past, and try some self-empowering, full-on pop.”. He certainly succeeded in that department. I can’t wait to hear the rest of what is on “The Fifth” and make sure to keep an eye out for more music and updates as the album draws closer.

Need Me by Sammi Constantine and Mashd N Kutcher:

Need Me is the newest feature for our friend Sammi Constantine! She joined Mashd N Kutcher on their new song “Need Me”. The duo’s first song in the new year was definitely a favorite as I alone play the song at least once a day. Both the vocals and the track are incredible and are perfect to sing and dance too. The perfect pop song heading into 2018.

Other news for Sammi, she just released her new line of lipsticks called “Constantly Caffeinated” if you love coffee, both the color and smell, you are going to love this line. Follow @sammiconstantine on instagram for all the information.

Ignore Me by Betty Who:

Betty Who released her first song released as an independent artist in five years! The breakup bop is deeper than just in a romantic relationship the song is actually based in her experience leaving her record label: “Ignore Me’ is about so much in my life. I’ve been rejected, both by men and in my professional life, more times than I can count. 'Ignore Me’ is about that feeling when you’re at the end of that rope when someone has been leading you on

for so long. And when I wrote it, a lot of that was about my experience with my record label.”. Betty is coming into 2018 with a bang and the fans are here for it! Who is about to leave for her third leg of her “The Valley” tour and she will be joined with several incredible opening acts at every stop. Can’t wait to see what Betty brings this year!

I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman by Lostboycrow:

Coming out January 19th, I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman is Lostboycrow’s first single of 2018. The mellow sound is continuing a slower vibe for his music. I have always been a fan of Lbc’s lyrics and this song is no exception. Co-written and produced by flor’s Dylan Bauld and Zach Grace, the track was inspired by “the idea that who we are and are becoming is a direction leading us to far greater places than any other pursuit,”. As we await the arrival of Lbc’s Traveler: The Second Legend LP we get to enjoy the ever dreamy and melodic sound of Lostboycrow. We hope to get the chance to chat with LBC next time he hits the road for his second Spin the Globe tour (tickets out this Friday the 9th)

Troye Sivan “My My My”:

We were so excited when Troye Sivan, one of our long time favorites, finally released new music after about two years of silence! “My My My” took us into a great 2018 for music and much excitement from all of our fellow Sivan lovers shows that they agree. This is a great love song about falling in love and finally going for the relationship. Sivan said “Love is a very scary thing. Especially if you’re not sure yet if the other person loves you back. It’s a really scary place to be in. As exciting as it is, there’s a lot of vulnerability in it, and there’s a bunch of reasons why people don’t let themselves have that. For me, with this song, it was a bad time, it was a really bad time. But, what can you do?”. Well, we think everyone can relate to this song at some point so whether you are in love, you have a crush, or you are totally happy being single take some time out of your day to rock out to “My My My” and get ready for more music from Sivan coming soon!

.Written and Edited by: Hannah Schneider

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