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“Our Foolish Pride” - Alex Kennedy |Review

Alex Kennedy’s track, “Our Foolish Pride,” is a song full of emotion, reflecting on the pride that stands in the way of two people reconnecting with the love they both still have for one another after some time.

This obstacle that is separating the two in Alex’s original song is satisfied by the soul and passion he puts into its performance. Having a background in working as a session musician for other artists, Alex uses his experience and yearning to make his own mark on the music world with this latest track.

Alex has been received by various music critics and bloggers in a positive light - not just for this most recent soul, pop/rock single and its identifiable John Mayer impression, but ever since his debut single “Baby Steps.” Commending him for his emotion and his ‘vivid imagery that sets Alex Kennedy ahead of the game in the busy singer songwriter field,’ sources project a successful journey ahead of this rising musician and his heartfelt lyrics.

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