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“One of Them Girls” – Efraim Leo | Review

Move over “Blinding Lights” – the 2020 summer anthem is here. Put the top down and crank up Efraim Leo’s new single, “One of Them Girls.”

If it sounds like a hit right off the bat, it could be the clean, root-third guitar part that introduces us to the progression in the first verse. This technique has been commonly utilized in modern pop music and has so because it sounds great. There’s something about jumping from the sixth to third string that creates a sort of conversation in the melody. You get lost in the distance.

Right away, we hear a Shawn Mendes-influenced riff combined with the electronic elements of Ansel Elgort. Having said that, it’s important to note that Leo is far from a carbon copy. Instead, he takes his place amongst these well-known pop greats. His vision for the upcoming Timing- EP proves that. There’s no absence of passion and sincerity from this talented artist. He will undoubtedly appeal to any fans of the genre.

The hook of “One of Them Girls” introduces a steel drum sounding lead and a retro, droning synth that teleports you directly to the beach. Leo demonstrates that he knows how to use falsetto as a killer vocal effect. His use of it during the chorus is not only appropriate but largely contributes to what makes the song so catchy.

Efraim Leo hails from Stockholm. Raised by a musical family, he began developing his love for songwriting as a teenager. Since then, he’s been earning his chops on the road – broadening both his skills and his loyal fan base.

Leo’s new single is a piece from a larger concept EP set to be released in the not-so-distant future. The song kicks off the story of a relationship with the vivid description of an instant crush. He sings, “‘Cause you’re one of them girls, so clear, that I can’t be myself when you’re here.” Knowing this is only Chapter One gives the breezy tune an apprehensive edge as we wonder what’s to come for the couple.

Sing along and embrace the butterflies. Remember what it’s like to be stopped dead in your tracks by the right one.

Written by Matt Kalicky, Edited by Tatum Jenkins

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