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“One Mile” - The Bergamot | Review

“One Mile” is a song that at first appears as a love story, but is, in fact, a statement about the current reality of this world.

This song has both amazing vocals and a powerful message. “One Mile” goes beyond expectations by breaking down stigmas about what is taboo in music. The overall message of the song is that people need to work together to make a change. Throughout “One Mile”, there is a lyric that sums up the message of the song, “Together we rise, Apart we fall.”

The animation of the music video is comic style and very innocent-looking which makes the shock factor of adding in the message even more powerful. The video ends with the line “unity starts with u” which is the best way of showing change can start with any of us. The Bergamot does an incredible job of making the harshness of reality an inspiration to make a difference.

The Bergamot is an American indie-folk-rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. The two founding members and songwriters of The Bergamot are husband and wife Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece.

Written by Ella de Castro

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