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"Old Man" - Breazy Daze I Review

Bright notes interwoven with ethereal synths conjure images of breezy beach days and summer sunsets – and this is only just the beginning of Breazy Daze’s new single, “Old Man.”

It’s an eclectic mix of sounds – a stuttering rat-a-tat beat, a man’s voice over a stereo along with others – that makes up this light, playful tune. There’s a bit of a rap element to it that makes it drift away from a typical pop/indie realm and kept me interested the whole way through. Breazy Daze has a certain confidence and swagger surrounding his manipulation of words and he carries that energy proudly in a way that draws even the most cynical listener into his world. For a song about growing up in a big world, there’s a self-assured sense of direction in the lyrics, instrumentation, and production that conveys a feeling of familiarity and safety while pushing the listener gently out of their comfort zone. For a second single, Breazy Daze has a really well-rounded, distinguishable sound that will allow him to gain a following quite quickly.

Andri Jónsson – or Breazy Daze – is an Icelandic singer-songwriter who creates music with his feet in multiple genres, such as pop, indie, and hip-hop. He started playing guitar and writing his own music in 2011, and shortly after started a band called The Northern Lights. After decent success with his band and a move to Berlin, he decided to start creating his own music. He worked with producer and songwriter Ainsley Adams on “Old Man” and it is his second official single following his debut single “Hercules,” which was released in March.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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