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"Ok to Trust Yourself" - The Mos Capri Experiment |Review

The Mos Capri Experient has one of the most interesting names I have ever come across in my music reviews. Not only is her name amazing, but her voice in “Ok to Trust Yourself” is too, with a crazy amount of melody and vocal blend that instantly pulls you in wanting to listen to more.

I would say this track is a “positivity song.” In the song, The Mos Capri Experient explains that body image is a continuously discouraging problem in today’s society. She continues to explain that people need to believe in themselves and not allow negative body images of themselves to take a grip of one’s life hence the title of the song.

Capri explains; “Getting out of a dark place is hard going but this track is about finding a new sense of honesty with yourself.”

If you’ve read some of my reviews before, you know that I like to compare songs to how I’m feeling when listening or who the artist sounds like. When it comes to The Mos Capri Experient I see an Adele inspired person, from Capri’s voice to her message. It’s fantastic.

The 20-year old U.K based artist continues to produce great music that comes with a powerful message. This song alone could help thousands of people become less body conscious and live their life to fullest.

The Most Capri Experiment is on the rise.

Watch out!

Written by Quincy Williamson

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