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“Off White” - Meyru | Review

At the alluring junction between perfectly grungy and mellow, Meyru’s newest single, “Off White” cuts straight to the point. With its thoughtful piano and deliberately disheveled guitar, the New York indie band managed to capture “the brief moment in-between confrontation and rejecting the truth'' in this track. Recorded in just one day, Meyru says it’s “fast, to the point and gut-wrenchingly honest.”

Meyru’s knack for creating music that feels masterfully chill and chaotic at the same time is what sets them apart from the rest of the indie pop/rock scene. The roaring cymbals mingling with the delicate piano throughout delivers a welcome fervency that more than conveys the "in-between, detached feelings'' that the band intended to tout. The dreamy segments of isolated vocals and breaks in instrumentation are true to Meyru’s signature style, and they really shine in this track.

The track’s accompanying music video features a desolate brick and cement setting, reinforcing an all-too-evident sense that this is just a moment in time, suspended with no real end in sight. “This theme of detachment - floating in some negative space - is threaded throughout the video and track. That feeling of being "there" but not fully present is palpable,” Meyru says. It almost has an old-school vibe. The “shaky cam” shots of each instrument and the slow, sluggish pace of each shot ties the chaos together.

Meyru is getting ready to wrap up their second album, recorded entirely live “with the intention of bringing out the true energy felt in their live shows.” We’ll see more of Meyru in 2022 as they perform throughout the year, bringing a fresh perspective to their new work by stripping it down to their ‘90s influences, “finding their footing in the vibe of live recording,” and brandishing the signature indie sound they’ve become so fittingly recognized for.

Written by Lena Hageman

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