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Nykki “ Playing it cool” Review

Nykkis‘ new single “ Playing it Cool” is an energetic pop song that is upbeat and will make you want to move. With its exciting arrangement consisting of the house influenced four on the floor intro and sweeping transitions, this love song is infectious.

I like the picture that Nykki is trying to paint. She wants the same thing alot of us want out of a relationship, with a story like feel good ending. She sings, “ What happened to cliches, like back in the old days”. Nykki wants an instant connection. At the same time, she understands that she has to ‘play it cool’ as not to scare away her potential soul mate.

I can see this song being played at the beach, and even on the radio, it has a prime time quality to it(turns out it’s been on BBCRADIO1). From the well mixed beat, to the crystal clear and catchy lyrics. I Would even like to see this song remixed into a EDM song. It had me dancing around the crib a good bit, seems like a great song to start your day with.

Nykki is a Chech born singer that has recently burst on to the scene. With songs like this it's clear she won't be ignored. She's been featured in several magazines and seems to be a promising young talent. Nikki is looking to combine real life experiences, with mesmerizing lyrics and up beat production, and I‘m here for it.

Written by Derek Darnell

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