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“Nothing Back” -Lucid Kidd |Review

Lucid Kidd’s “Nothing Back” is the perfect breakup song for toxic friendships. He discusses the shortfalls of fame--the feeling that everyone wants something from you. Kidd attempts to free himself from this familiar narrative rapping,“I’m tired from you vampires sucking on my blood. I believe it is my destiny to run if I am stuck.”

The song is about losing trust in the ones who seem the closest to you. Like many artists before, Kidd sees how people take advantage of the rich and famous and decides to cut them off.

“The song expresses leaving all these vampires behind and finding your own path,” explains Kidd, “because walking alone is better than being surrounded by fake people. The music video contains lots of colours which represent the escape from the greyness of fake people and becoming your own colourful individual.”

Lucid Kidd’s “Nothing Back” is a song that will fit right into your Juice WRLD playlist. The Lithuanian artist blends modern hip hop and slow rap to bring us a song that anyone can relate to.

Written By Dawn Hill

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