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‘Nother Thought - Fake Shape

Are you really okay? Fake Shape’s raw new single,‘Nother Thought, from their upcoming EP, Night Swim, captures the solitude of convincing yourself that everything is alright, while also silently drowning in the sea of your mind. The crashing instrumentals highlight lead singer Chester Edington's stripped down vocals, as he reconciles with his inner demons.

The alternative-indie band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, is a collection of different musical aesthetics ranging from indie-rock, to atmospheric electronic. While a cohesive unit, each of the five members offer their own personal touches through hypnotizing bass lines, and raucous drum fills.

Their latest single opens with a distant reverberation of sound that gives way to a sorrowful electric guitar. The drums create a sense of rhythm against the melancholic tone of Chester’s vocals, giving the melody a syncopated soft rock feel. The lyrics perfectly match the rasp of Chester’s voice, encapsulating the despair of “Being sick of all this stuff, and wanting to give it up.” The guitars really steal the show in this tune, with a bass line part that flawlessly complements the other musical components. The last portion of the song ends in a rageful breakdown, representing the final release of our true feelings through a cascade of bright synths, and powerful guitar solos.

Night Swim may be Fake Shape’s debut EP, but the sound they have created is entirely organic, and comes from a place of fervent emotion. In ‘Nother Thought, every guitar strum, drum hit, or vocal run is an extension of the five members' own anguish, making the song impactful in a personal, and unspoken way.

What’s most captivating about Fake Shape is their versatility– the incorporation of a multitude of styles adds an immersive layer of depth to their music, creating a transcendent experience for listeners that takes them through a variety of emotions. This ability lends itself to the band’s latest single, musically creating a cathartic release of pent up angst that many feel all too well.

‘Nother Thought perfectly encopmasses the highlights of what makes Fake Shape’s sound so musically intoxicating. Hearing the controlled emotion in Chester’s Edgington’s voice, along with the subdued tone of the instrumentals, is only done justice through hearing this band live.

With the debut of their upcoming EP, Fake Shape creates a musical experience that is soul bearing, and equally as exhilarating.

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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