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“Not Your Princess” - Theia | Review

Theia is not a new name to Unheard Gems. This New Zealander is a firecracker of sassy girl power pop. “Not Your Princess” shines with a bunch of clever lyrics, one liners, and some fun melodies against heavy bass and 808’s.

I fell in love with this song right when it came out accompanied by the original music/lyric video. Theia is an artist with an aesthetic and right now it is fully 90’s pop. The music video is so fun because it pretty much is just a girl getting ready for her day, maybe you readers will relate; singing along to your favorite song, dancing while getting ready, trying to take cute or funny pictures.

However this music video is only made better with its re-release on March 8th for International Women's Day. This version is the same concept as the original but instead of just the Kiwi singer we get to see 20 femxle identifying/non-binary individuals from all over the world being their unapologetic selves. I have to get major applause to all of these beautiful individuals that were celebrating and recognizing just a bit of the diversity of the powerful ladies in our world.

If you missed hearing about Theia the first time she was featured on Unheard Gems, check out her interview here:

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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