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"Not Sorry" - Mathew V | Review

'Not Sorry' has to be the song of the year in my book. Raw and emotional, Canadian rising star, Mathew V, rounds out his second album 'Two Faced' with this powerful pop ballad.

Mathew is not a new artist to be featured on Unheard Gems. In all our years now working with and being inspired by V we have seen him continue to grow and truly blossom as an artist. In my personal opinion has a long time listener...'Not Sorry' is now my favorite Mathew V track. V has this distinct ability in his ballads to goes beyond emoting, he truly captures the heart and soul of his listener. Regardless of your genre preferences, you can not deny the power behind his voice. I honestly started crying when I read the lyrics through. "I'm still broken and you're not sorry/ After all these years what's your excuse when I said I needed you".

'Not Sorry' is the final single off of his new album, Two Faced, which has been a few years in the making. Mathew is not an artist that lives in one space – some days he wants to make top 40 pop music, some days he wants to make a really intimate acoustic song. Some people would say that isn’t allowed, but Mathew wanted to make the ideal album for this point in his life. An album for all of his moods, all of his highs and lows. Two Faced shows both sides of that spectrum really well – both of his faces, so to speak.

Incredibly proud to continue to support Mathew V from interviews, live shows, podcasts, and more. This is a young artist with unlimited potential. Mathew is an outspoken advocate and ally who makes himself accessible. His work as an artist and how he makes a positive with his growing platform is truly inspiring.

After 10 years of classical operatic vocal training, Mathew V moved to London, England at the age of 17 to teach himself how to write pop music. Now only 22, Mathew has accomplished a lot since returning home to Vancouver. Mathew penned a deal with 604 records and his debut single “Tell Me Smooth” went top 40 on Canadian Radio (Hot AC/AC) for 18 weeks, peaking at #18. Mathew has written with the likes of Dan Mangan, DiRTY RADiO and on stage he’s opened up for the likes of Betty Who, Hanson, Daya, MAGIC! and more. His debut album “The Fifth” came out in the spring of 2018 and charted in both Canada and the US. The album earned critical acclaim from press outlets such as Nylon and Billboard, marking Mathew as an artist to watch. With strong roots in the LGBTQ+ community, Mathew has never shied away from expressing himself in his music, taking the cover of Spotify’s Global Pride playlist during Pride 2018. Now with a catalogue approaching 15 million online streams, Mathew is making new music, pushing his boundaries and preparing for what’s to come.

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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