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"Not Gonna Do This Anymore" - Autumn Nicholas |Review

Autumn Nicholas’ captivating voice tells a story of vulnerability and reflection in the tune, “Not Gonna Do This Anymore.” The song beautifully follows the artist’s tendency of sharing stories about love, pain, loss, and hope as she seamlessly blends pop alternative melodies.

The rawness of her voice combined with the powerful lyrics and beautifully mixed production create perfect prosody in the tune, making it an emotionally packed track worth listening to. The song begins with simple instrumentation, including a flawlessly recorded guitar, and builds up throughout creating the perfect accompaniment for the story told by the lyrics. Every word paints a picture, which makes it easy to get lost in the music and let the rest of the world fade.

For Autumn Nicholas, ‘Not Gonna Do This Anymore’ adopted many different meanings throughout the writing and recording process:

“When we initially wrote it, Lauren Michael Sellers and I, the song was meant to express that that no one has lingered in a relationship that wasn’t meeting or valuing your own individual worth, that made you less whole instead of more,” said the artist,

“As events in the world happened, the song, for me, soon took a pointed turn, as an opportunity to speak up for the women in Texas, and address head-on the truth that a woman’s right over her own body is not something anyone has a right to take away,” she continued,

“When we took the song into the studio, the meaning got deeper, more personal as I realized I needed to commit to being more vulnerable, more open with both heart, ears, and mind. To show up as I am, who I am, and let others take from it what they want but not changing or filtering based on what others think.”

Although the message of ‘Not Gonna Do This Anymore’ seems clear, it also has an open-endedness that is bound to captivate listeners and invite them to attach a meaning of their own. This is the perfect track to add to any singer/songwriter playlists, as it resembles some of the music from top musicians of the genre like Julia Michaels, Dido, and Olivia Rodrigo.

Written by Samantha Stern

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