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“Not Dead” - Ryan Ritual x Ellysse Mason | Review

“Not Dead” is a stunning exploration of a relationship that doesn’t end and simply keeps re-emerging.

More than that, this collaboration between Ryan and Ellysse feels more like an anthem to navigate any repetitive cycle in your life. If you're not dead, and the pattern doesn’t end, but it's not sustainable - what is left to do? This synthy and percussion based track is almost hypnotic in the way it pulls you in and the vocals are an enchanting and haunting blend.

"Ryan Ritual's "The Weight Of Love" is a sonic tapestry woven from threads of isolation and emotional upheaval. The album is a haunting echo chamber of 80s-inspired hooks and modern melancholy, a tribute to a year spent in the shadow of familial illness and global crisis. Ritual's songwriting is a masterclass in pop sophistication, each track a capsule of raw emotion, produced to perfection by Chris Zane (Passion Pit, The Walkmen). The album doesn't scream pandemic, but it whispers the subtle agonies and muted ecstasies of a world on pause. It's a diary of a year spent in fear, a year that tested the weight of love and found it both crushing and uplifting."

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