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“Nonchalant” - Noelle Sucks |Review

Noelle Sucks new single "Nonchalant" blends pop and garage rock with its gritty edge and emotive lyrics. Described by the artist in an Instagram comment as her perfect "emo Myspace profile song," the track seamlessly shifts from reflective, angst-ridden verses to a dreamy, melodic chorus.

The lyrics in "Nonchalant" describe the emotional differences that are displayed between two people in a relationship. While one person may be able to express their feelings by showing desperation, the other remains cool and detached ("nonchalant"). The pick-up of a drum beat in the verses mirrors the hesitation of getting too close to someone and the ensuing struggle.

My favorite lyrics from the song are: "Darling we make perfect sense when we're far apart. The moments that we're separate, you're everything I want." It's a sentiment many can relate to—being drawn to someone despite the practicality of it all. Distance allows for the perfect image of a person to exist without much conflict. The entire song maintains an enjoyable rhythm, using responsive background vocals to heighten its emotional depth.

As a Los Angeles-based artist in the film and music industry, Noelle Sucks draws inspiration from icons like Billie Eilish and Nirvana. After debuting her sound in 2019, she became the first artist to sign with Graveboy Records and continues to utilize her talents as a songwriter and designer to create music that is both sonically and visually captivating. With a few singles, an album, and an EP under her belt, her discography embodies the gratifying essence of shoegaze, indie, emo, and pop rock genres.

Written by: Izzy Hory

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