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"No Wifey" - Anjulie | Review

Starting out with a heavy horn presence, “No Wifey” brings the kind of sound and energy of Beyonce circa Homecoming Netflix special, Coachella performance. Something about the brass instrument inclusion gives off a confidence like no other. Pop songs for so long have had the emphasis on catchiness that exploration of sounds and experimentation haven’t always been well-accepted. Anjulie’s song tackles both the for-everyone accessibility but the true-to-artistry unique sound. The lyrics are mirroring the many themes of female pop music today addressing independence and shooting down partner’s expectations.

Anjulie has vocals that have a special twinge to them putting her with the likes of (fellow Canadian) Nelly Furtado and Ke$ha. A voice that can make you sound kind of silly if you’re trying to mimic it but gives you more time to listen to her clever words. The words that make you understand how she’s written with the best of the best in the business. It’s an ode to the modern woman and while it’s talking specifically about not taking flings so seriously and not trying to be the “wifey” women are expected to be, the energy goes beyond and is an all-encompassing girl-power tune.

Anjulie is a Juno award-winning, platinum-selling, Canadian, Guyanese, Indian, singer/songwriter, and producer from Toronto. Anjulie has written and collaborated with Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Natalia Lafourcade, Phyno Fino, TheFatRat, and Kshmr to name a few.

Her music has been featured on HBO, ABC, NBC, and MTV, and she received an MTV Video Music Award Nomination for "BestBreakout Video of the Year".She has 2.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify with American and international fans everywhere from Baghdad to Brazil.

Anjulie has sold 5 NFTs and has an artist partnership with Decentraland; the biggest metaverse on the blockchain. She has also written for both VICE and the Huffpo, is an ambassador for the Canadian Woman's Foundation and Mental Health Without Boarder, and has a weekly show featuring songwriters on clubhouse called “Behind The Song”.

She just released the title track of her sophomore album “Big Bad World”.

By Amanda Collins

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